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Next Event

NEW WEST PRIDE - Saturday, August 13 at 6:10

Powell Street Festival - with special guests on Saturday, July 30th at 5:15 (Street Stage)

Buy your Powell Street Festival from us here and the seller code is: onibana:


Powell Street Festival - Paueru Mashup on Saturday, July 30th at 1:5pm (Diamond Stage) LIVE


Roots, Rhythm, and Resistance:  Anti-Racism Symposium (in person and live stream)

May 23 8pm  at the Vancouver Japanese Language School


April 3 Rio Theatre (Vancouver) with Gamelan Gita Asmara



Onibana Taiko & Komezinganzo Troupe (Montreal, PQ) - "Big Drums with  Hearts  - Creating a Virtual Village of beats and melodies with Japanese taiko and Rwandan drums."  An ongoing collaboration supported by  Canada Council for the Arts.

Queer Arts Festival on August 7, 2021

Powell Street Festival on July 31, 2021

Bent On Art

on March 27th, 2021

We are so proud and stoked to be a part of Bent On Art this year.  See the poster for the lists of great programming.  We will be presenting Covid Sucks and WE LOVE YOU on March 27th. ASL Interpreting provided for Onibana Taiko piece.

 Link to Bent On Art - Music & Performance Showcase Trailer (

 Join Onibana Taiko on Saturday, March 27th at 6 pm. (please get a free ticket at https://www.facebook.


Onibana Taiko Event Schedule

Big Drums with Heart: Creating a Virtual Village of Beats & Melodies with Taiko & Rwandan Drums, a digital collaboration with Montreal-based Vincent Nsengiyumva and his Komezinganzo troupe with support from Canada Council of the Arts. 

No. Type Date  Time  Event Name  Location  Notes
1 Online Performance  March 27, 2021  6-8 pm Bent on Art - Kootenay Queer & Trans (Virtual) Art Festival - March 1-28, 2021

Please get a free ticket at


with ASL Interpreting
2  Online Dance Practice  Every 1st & 3rd Sunday 11 am-noon 

Digital Paueru Mashup (Free)

 To join email:

Zoom link will be sent to you -completed.

3    ongoing  

 Big Drums with Heart: Creating a Virtual Village with Taiko & Rwandan Drums 

 online collaboration with Montreal based Komezinganzo Troupe compositional researchresearch


 4  Performance   July 31 2021  

 Powell Street Festival 2021

 Oppenheimer Park

 Paueru Mashup Live

 5  Performance  August 7 2021  

 Queer Arts Festival 2021